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Important News

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  • To download 11-ICSHMO e-certificates please CLICK HERE. For participation certificate use your passport or ID number (same used in registration process).
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Panorámica Santiago


  Coming to Chile  • Citizens from Argentina, Brazil, Uruguay and Paraguay can enter Chile with their valid National Identity Card. Citizen from other countries need a valid Passport to enter.

• Citizen from a few countries further require a tourist VISA to visit Chile. Please check with the Consulate of Chile in your country or in this page

• Citizens of Australia and Mexico need to pay a reciprocity fee upon your arrival. Please check here


  From the Airport to Santiago Santiago international Airport is located about 20 km west of Santiago downtown.

• Upon arrival of your flight you must clear customs and international police. See details here

• For your own safety, it is recommended that you only use the transport service authorized by the Santiago Airport, either taxis, mini-buses, or buses. The later connect with subway stations of the Metro network.


  Staying in Chile • 11 ICSHMO will occur during spring and we expect warm, pleasant weather for most of the time. During October, temperature ranges between 16-25°C and usually there is NO precipitation. You can check the weather forecast at the Weather Service.

• Safety: Santiago is not a particularly dangerous city. It has the same safety problems any big city has. That is why we suggest you to follow the basic rules to prevent thefts and attacks in the street: don’t wear valuable jewelry, always keep an eye on your valuable objects; don’t walk in areas you don’t know without safety references, especially at night; only change money in authorized places (banks, official changing houses, hotels), etc.

• Peso ($) is the national currency. At the time of writing this page (August 27) 1 USDolar = $ 710 -- and 1 Euro = $ 800. See daily exchange values here.

• You can pay in US$/Euros in hotels (recommended, that way you are not charged the local TAX, 19%) and transportation from/to the airport

• Elsewhere (restaurants, local transportation) only Chilean Pesos ($) are accepted. Money exchanges is available at the airport, some hotels, banks and money exchange agencies (most of them in downtown and Providencia). There is NO money exchange at the venue.

• If you want to extend your trip and enjoy our country, please visit Gochile or the Servicio Nacional de Turismo


  Moving Around Santiago • Our city has an efficient subway: Metro de Santiago. Although a bit crowded in the rush hours (7:30-9:00 AM, 6:00-8:00 PM) is the best -and safest- way to move around the city.

• See Metro map here.

• Metro tickets cost between 610 and 720 pesos (about USD 0.95 - 1.10), depending on time of day, and include transfers. Tickets are sold in each metro station.

• See here further information on Santiago's transport

  How to get to the conference venue? • There is NO official transport from/to the VENUE

• We strongly recommend using the subway system (Metro de Santiago)

• Identify in the metro-map the closest station to your hotel.

• The venue is to a walking distance (10-20 minutes) from several stations. See the general map here  for different options.


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