Sports Betting – There is more to life than football!

I know that. You think you know a lot about football so you’re going to bet on football. 

But remember, you have to ignore your emotions. You have to bet scientifically and analytically. 

Football is a sport full of surprises (remember Greece winning the Euro a decade ago). 

It is also the most scrutinised sport by bookmakers, so the odds are very precise and well chosen. (Unlike other sports where, due to a lack of knowledge, bookmakers may misjudge the various possible outcomes and good deals are therefore possible). 

So be careful with your football predictions. Take the time to analyse everything carefully, to measure everything… 

Beware of combined sports betting

A recent fashion is to combine several bets. These are called combination bets. 

On paper, it is interesting. By taking a few fairly safe bets (with odds below 1.30 for example) and combining them, you can easily double your stake. 

But, of course, the multiplication of matches makes the outcome of the bet much more uncertain. If one of the matches you bet on does not have the expected result, your whole bet loses. 

So use combination betting wisely, and don’t bet everything. 

Start on paper

Of all the sports betting tips on this list, I’m sure this one will surprise you. 

It will. At first, I recommend that you don’t bet for real. Practice on an Excel file or on paper. Your first 100 or 200 bets will allow you to adjust your technique, to see what went wrong and still measure your progress and see if you really won something. 

I tell you the first 100 or 200 bets, because I know you’re impatient. But really you should make your first 400 or 500 bets on paper. Just to be sure and to avoid the variance effect I mentioned above. 

Be an expert

You don’t have to analyze the games yourself. After all, your goal is to make money, no matter what. 

You can follow one or more professional bettors. This is what many people do. It will cost you some money, as they often offer a paid subscription, but once you have found the right one, your investment in the subscription will pay off. 

Beware, however, that not all professional tipsters are the same. In fact, most of them are incompetent. Choosing a tipster is an art. 

In order to choose a tipster, you should consider the following elements: 

They have a verifiable track record (and it’s best if that track record is on an independent site like Blogabet).

It has a history of at least 1000 verifiable bets. Below that, their good results may be due to variance.

It has an interesting ROI, above 5% if possible.

He is easy to follow. If they send out predictions 5 minutes before the game, it will be more complicated and maybe it doesn’t suit you.

Sports betting tips: in conclusion

So, are you going to get started soon? Tell me all about it below! 

If you’re a bit afraid of losing your money, I suggest you join the 350 Euro program (), where you are guaranteed a minimum of 350 Euros in winnings from sports betting (or the 400 Euro program in Belgium). This will allow you to put all these sports betting tips into practice, without taking any risks. 

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