Before You Learn How To Play Online Bingo, Check Out Its Fascinating History, We’ll Give You A Summary Here

If there’s one game that’s a big hit in casinos today, it’s online bingo. But how well do you know it? It’s not that old and its history will help you get to grips with it.

The origins of the online bingo game lie in the game of bingo that was invented during the Second World War. And before that, there is evidence of a game that mixes lotto and bingo in Ancient Rome. While over time Bingo has evolved from a middle-class game to a popular one, it is very easy to learn and can win large amounts of money.

Don’t know how to play bingo online? Follow our guide to its simple rules

How to play online bingo? This game of chance is played with 90 numbered balls and cards with random number grids. The object of the game is to fill your card with successive draws of balls in order to win.

On online bingo games, the grids are more or less attractive depending on the software. But don’t be fooled, the least attractive games can also be the most lucrative!

Think you know the rules? Our advice is to test your knowledge on a free bingo version before playing for real money at the casino tables.

Did you know that this lottery game is plural? Find out which online bingo games to try at a casino

online bingo games

Online bingo players love to try out different variants at a site, the number of balls varies and changes the draw. Players in Quebec are crazy about Bingo 80, a famous variant of Bingo 90. Playing bingo online is far from monotonous!

Let’s compare the past to the present… Today, real money online bingo pays you more online

The advantage of online bingo is that you can get the best games for faster and better payouts than you can in a bingo hall where there is less to choose from. Some players play grid after grid and others play more than one at a time – the trick is to keep the pace!

Playing online avoids the extra cost of paper grids, which have a much higher house edge. Indeed, with taxes, the chance of enjoying nice winnings on paper are minimal. For the same price, fill in several lines at once on several simultaneous games, you will already have more chances to win the jackpot.

Have unlimited fun on the games of the online bingo game category… Its advantages are here


While real money online bingo is incredibly fun, remember that you don’t have to bet your money to have fun at bingo. In fact, the games at online casinos allow you to enjoy without a wager.

As a player, you can also play without creating an account and enjoy hours of successive draws. If you like the games and want to make some money, it’s easy, just register at one of the many Canadian casinos offering this game and enjoy the welcome bonus at the same time!

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