Playing Slot Machines On Tablets And Smartphones

There are essentially two versions of slot machines dedicated to mobile gaming: those with 3 reels and those with 5 reels. The former are rather simple in terms of functionality, while the latter (much more interesting) are nothing more than conversions of the “sisters” available in online casinos.

These slot machines are different from the apps available for download from the iPhone and Android stores: free play is unlimited and does not charge for additional content, while real money play allows for real money winnings.

5-Reel And Progressive Jackpot Mobile Slot Machines

5-reel slot machines are actually the most popular type of slots. The mobile versions of these games are practically the exact (or almost exact) conversion of the virtual machines of the same name that can be found in “classic” online casinos.

This is why they are equipped with special features such as bonus games, wild symbols and free spins. Just like the slots seen so far in the PC casinos, the number of active lines and the bet can be freely selected.

Two other features of the more advanced 5-reel mobile slots are the superb graphics (take a look at the pictures) and sometimes the presence of progressive jackpots. For example, The Incredible Hulk slot machine features the famous 4 Marvel Jackpots, while other games have stand-alone jackpots.

3-Reel Mobile Slot Machines

Mobile slot machines

3-reel slot machines are practically exclusive to mobile casinos. They are games with only 9 symbol boxes (3×3) and a very simple game structure.

The only special function is that of the Wild symbols, which act as jokers. The number of lines is fixed at 8 (3 vertical, 3 horizontal and 2 diagonal). In reality, this type of game was born as a substitute for the “real” slot machines when tablet and smartphone casinos were first introduced (the technology did not yet allow for more advanced games). Still, it is an interesting variation on the theme.

What’s the difference between mobile casino slots and common apps

Mobile slot

You never need money to play for free, the virtual credits are unlimited. If you play with real money, you can win real money.

Common slot machine-themed apps that can be downloaded “for free” from the Apple Store or Play Store allow players to use a limited virtual credit. Once this has been used up, you have to pay to increase your balance. Unfortunately, you can never win anything, as everything remains at a virtual level.

The games offered by real casinos for iPhone, iPad and Android work differently: you never use money to play for free, there are no limitations on playing time or credit. If you want to play with real money (beware, this is real gambling), you have the chance to win real money, which you can then withdraw and put in your pocket (a possibility, not a certainty).

Playing for free in most cases does not require any registration, you choose a game and it is loaded immediately. To play for money you must first complete a mandatory registration procedure. Some casinos have created apps for their games that can be downloaded from the official stores in addition to those accessible directly via the web. Recognising them is simple: they bear the official logo of a real gaming operator.

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